November 06, 2014

64bit of OpenDRIVE® viewer for Linux added to the Tools in the download section. (Go to downloads...).

October 23, 2014

Free OpenDRIVE® viewer for Linux added to the Tools in the download section. (Go to downloads...).

March 21, 2014

Added example for dead-end road. (See download section...).

March 05, 2014

OpenDRIVE® Style Guide available for download. (download...).

June 16, 2011

OpenDRIVE® at Modelling World 2011 in London (more...).

February 1, 2011

OpenDRIVE® user meeting at Imagina in Monaco (more...).

September 25, 2010

More free examples are available in the download section.

Added links to OpenDRIVE® related web contents (go to link list).

September 09-10, 2010

OpenDRIVE® at the Driving Simulation Conference in Paris (more...).

August 17, 2010

Release of OpenDRIVE® V1.3 (download specification).

March 12, 2010

Sample code for the calculation of spirals available in the download section.
Proceedings of 6thuser meeting available (held on January 28, 2010). Get them..

January 28, 2010

TNO and VTI join the core team. More....

Welcome to the World of OpenDRIVE®!

- setting standards since 2006 -

OpenDRIVE® is an open file format for the logical description of road networks. It was developed and is being maintained by a team of simulation professionals with large support from the simulation industry. Its first public appearance was on January 31, 2006.

Why use OpenDRIVE®?

This is one of the key questions asked by potential users of the format. Here are some reasons:

  • OpenDRIVE® is vendor-independent and may be used free of charge and without further obligations
  • OpenDRIVE® contains all key features of real road networks
  • OpenDRIVE® is an established format with a broad international user base
  • OpenDRIVE® is a well managed format with transparent processes for on-going development
  • OpenDRIVE® has been in the market since 2006 and has since incorporated numerous user inputs arising from actual use cases.
  • Please check out this website to discover many more reasons for using OpenDRIVE®. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us directly. Your support of our initiative and your inputs will be very much appreciated in our effort to continuously improving OpenDRIVE®.

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